Paleo snacks are a healthy way to kill your hunger. Everybody loves crunching snacks in the evening but some of us just love it all day. And this is why we have brought to you some of the healthiest and the yummiest paleo snacks recipes.

  1. Cinnamon loaded Fruit Salad: This is on top of our paleo snacks recipes list because you literally have to do nothing to make this. Don’t sue us because by nothing I just mean no cooking. You will still have to cut the fruits. So a fruit salad is not only healthy way to stay fit but is also an effective weight to control hunger especially for people who are dieting and cannot avoid eating snacks. So these are the ingredients available ubiquitously in every grocery store.
  • Diced orange. (Quantity 1)
  • Diced apple (Quantity 1)
  • ½ Tbps of cinnamon
  • Walnuts (add chopped though it is optional)

One of the simplest processes you would have ever seen. Since you have already diced the oranges so step one is check marked. Next was to dice the apples but hey you have done that too. So Step 2 checks mark again. Now coming to step 3 take a bowl and place all the fruits in it. Next just sprinkle it with walnuts and cinnamon for a healthy sparkle.

You are now ready to munch and enjoy the cinnamon loaded fruit salad. Hats off to you for mastering one of this cool easy to make paleo snack recipes.

  1. Snowy Watermelon Snacks: Loaded with the goodness of cantaloupe and the sweetness of watermelon, this is one paleo snack recipes you don’t want to forget. To start with you will need a couple of items:
  • A fresh watermelon, sliced and diced
  • 3 cups of fresh cantaloupe. Make sure it is cubed
  • A cup of drinking water
  • Lemon juice (Quantity 1)
  • 2 or 3 fresh mint leaves
  • Small paper cups to load the snack finally onto them

Firstly you will need to process the cantaloupe and the watermelon in the food processor. After this heat them for 15 minutes in a saucepan. For the first 10 minutes heat it in medium heat and then for the next 5 minutes heat it on low heat or in simmer mode. Now you will need your second pan to steep the mint leaves. You will need to steep them in boiling water for about 4 minutes.

Once that is done infuse these leaves in cooked watermelons. Now is the time you turn off the heat completely and add to it the lemon juice. Make sure you use only one lemon. Next what you need is a muffin pan. You have almost prepared this most desired paleo snacks recipes. Carefully pour the puree into the paper liners or small paper cups. After pouring the puree keep it in the freezer. Freeze it till it is completely hard else you may find it difficult to peel away the paper liners.

The ready to serve snacks from your favorite paleo snack recipes are ready. Munch them and enjoy.